In your own car

CODE PLUS: W83G+JW Fuenteheridos


You need to take the Mérida exit on the SE-30 – Puente del Alamillo – and after passing Santiponce and the Las Pajanosas junction (which is on the right), you will reach the exit indicating: Aracena-Portugal (CN-433), 31 km from Alamillo, previously announced with several blue signs and a white sign for diversion: ARACENA – PORTUGAL. 

BE CAREFUL NOT TO HEAD TOWARDS EXTREMADURA ON THE HIGHWAY, as many have mistakenly done. You won’t be able to turn around until El Ronquillo.

You will reach a roundabout where there is another sign for ARACENA – PORTUGAL; take that road and you will find Aracena about 56 km ahead. 10 km further is Fuenteheridos; to ensure you haven’t missed it, you will pass through El Garrobo, Valdeflores, Higuera de la Sierra, bypasses of Valdezufre, Aracena, and Los Marines, and then, about 4 km later, take the turn to Fuenteheridos (road 8120), to the left, positioning yourself in the middle of the road.


You should take the road from San Juan del Puerto to Cáceres (CN-435). Here you have several options. The longest – but better road – is to continue until the junction with CN-433, after passing Jabugo, and take this road towards Sevilla. Once you pass Galaroza, you will find road 8120, on your right, towards Fuenteheridos. The shortest option is to enter through Castaño del Robledo – Fuenteheridos; about 4 km from here, the campsite will be on your left.

Another better option, called the “Camino de las Minas,” is to leave CN-435 after passing Zalamea la Real, and cross the mining basin (direction Riotinto – Campofrio) until you reach Aracena. From there, you will easily reach our town 10 km further on, towards Portugal.


Since you are accessing from the same road as from Huelva (CN-435), the directions provided in the previous section apply in reverse: take the road towards Fregenal, and after passing La Nava, you will find the junction with CN-433. Head towards Sevilla, pass through Galaroza, and after 5 km, you will reach Fuenteheridos.

For those traveling with a CARAVAN or MOTORHOME, it’s advisable not to pass through Fuenteheridos. It’s more convenient to follow this route: From Sevilla or Huelva (via Aracena), take the first entrance marked “Fuenteheridos – Peña de Arias Montano” on the left, from the center of the road heading towards Galaroza – Portugal. If you miss it, you will reach a roundabout with a restaurant, “La Capellanía”. Turn around and take the entrance ramp on the right. Do not turn towards Fuenteheridos (right) or at the 2nd roundabout with a street lamp. Continue straight towards Castaño del Robledo. 1.5 km after that roundabout, you will find the Camping site with direct access from the road.

If you are coming from EXTREMADURA: After passing Galaroza – as mentioned above – after 5 km, Fuenteheridos, skip the 1st entrance (roundabout of the restaurant “La Capellanía”), reach the 2nd entrance, and follow the instructions for that entrance as if coming from Sevilla.

If you are coming from Huelva, via the Minas route (National Highway 435), the longer but better road is to reach the junction with CN-433 after passing Jabugo, and take this road towards Sevilla. Once you pass Galaroza, after 5 km, you will reach Fuenteheridos. A shorter route is to enter through the deviation to Castaño del Robledo and, after passing this town, you will find the Camping site on your left about 4 km away.

By Bus

To reach Fuenteheridos by bus, you have several options depending on your location:

  • From Seville, there are two daily buses departing from “Plaza de Armas” Station (Seville-Rosal de la Frontera-Lisbon line): one in the morning at 9:00 a.m. and another in the afternoon at 4:00 p.m. They pass through Fuenteheridos (“El Coso”) with return trips at 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. These buses are operated by Damas. There is also an internal Sierra line connecting our town with Aracena, Cortegana, and the mining basin (Riotinto and Nerva). Operated by Damas.
  • From Huelva there are two transfer lines to reach our town: you should get off at Galaroza or Aracena depending on the option you choose (Huelva-Oliva de la Frontera and Huelva-Hinojales respectively). Also operated by Damas.
  • From Madrid there is the Madrid-Ayamonte line crossing the Sierra; you should get off at the Jabugo stop. (Operated by Suroeste Bus).
  • From Badajoz there is a bus running the Huelva-Badajoz route, passing only on Fridays; you should get off at the stop in Galaroza. (Operated by Damas).

Damas, Seville, Plaza de Armas Station. Phone: 954 90 69 32/77

Damas, Huelva, C/ Dr. Rubio s/n. Phone: 959 25 69 00 

By train and on foot

You can also reach Fuenteheridos by train. This option is available if you are coming from Huelva or Extremadura, as the line crossing the Sierra de Aracena covers the Huelva-Zafra route. The nearest station is El Repilado (Jabugo-Galaroza), located 10 km from Fuenteheridos.

Another way to reach the town from surrounding villages is through the trails that were traditionally used to travel from one village to another.